Change your Password

Procedure Overview

You will be directed to change your password at various time intervals depending on your County's specific business practices. Your County will set password parameters such as minimum and maximum password lengths, password uniqueness, and any invalid passwords.

NOTE: CalWIN will prompt you to replace your default password with a new password. the first time you log into the system.

To Change your Password

  1. Log into the CalWIN Web Application.

  2. Enter your User ID and current Password.

  3. Click [Change Password]. The Change Password response window appears.

  4. Enter your new password (based on the your County's specific parameters) in the Enter New Password field.

  5. Re-enter your new password in the Re-enter New Password field to confirm your new password.

  6. Click [OK]. A pop up message displays indicating that your password has been successfully changed.

  7. Click [OK].The CalWIN application opens momentarily displaying the security statement, then the Navigate CalWIN window appears.

The Change your Password procedure is complete.